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Credit Repair

Business loans

Business loans

Credit Repair, Personal Loans

If your a consumer,  who is in confusion after being "Denied" for a Loan?

(Personal) (Business) (Mortgage) (Equipment) (Start-ups)

We, At GemCapitalFunding Solutions are here to provide you,  the ultimate goal for your "Success".

We believe to be the 'Top' Consulting Firm working on finding you the Best Personal loans, Business Loans, and systematic approaches to build 'Capital.'

This is important on Establishing a intimate relationship with your Financial Reputation.

You will learn to save, build, redesign the "Structure"

on your "Capital"...

The importance of your "profile" on the Bureaus 

(Personal) Fico Score 

(Business) Pay-dex Score

This is the most crucial factor to be in "Control" of your 

establishing, and maintaining access to your line of credit...

Learn to be in  discovery process,  to one day get your "Dream" home, luxury car,start your new  journey on learning the process,  of how financial institutions judge your life, from the impact of your score.

You will learn to build the dream life, you deserve.

Learn the process, and envision the "Dream"  you once gave up...

Hope is on the way...

This is more for immediate funding,  with Real estate and Mortgage Companies, whom use our service to get Funding, through our Rapid Service.

There is no one less better then our Credit Repair guy in the industry .

We offer a money back guarantee, with this option.

(VIP) Credit Repair Program

Contact more for incredible "results"

Business loans

Business loans

Business loans

Business Loans

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Business Development Department


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We are a Team,  who Specializes with all aspects of Capital.

We can help you with every type of Financing.

Contact us at (1800) 654-0036

on Equipment Financing.

Contact Mark Mayo,  in our Entertainment Department

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We work Directly with the Bank,  or our Business Term loans,  and have many different options to be customized for your needs.

Merchant Cash Advances are for immediate funding.

Our Goal is to get you the best interest rate, with the type of loan you desire.

We also liquidate Assets,  into Income.

We find Buyers for Sellers,  and have a wide variety of "Selection",      for Rare items for sale  from Collectors (private)

There is not one thing we can't accomplish,  at GemCapitalFunding.

Our Consulting Firm solves problems regarding the financial Institution of your well-being.

Our Team is looking forward to speaking with you.

Find our more information,  with a free consultation.

We Restructure, and Redesign any Loan possible.

If you need to get out of a terrible Mca loan,  and find a way for better options with funding?

We will help build your Capital,  by learning which issue to solve as we redesign your Venture...

Learn more with a Financial Advisory,  on ways to remove out of Debt,  that was caused by a challenging decision made that is effecting you in ways,  with 'Regret"

Discover the ways,  and be in peace with your decision .

You will learn to save thousands, all the way up to hundreds of thousands,  by mastering your "Financial" profile once and for all.

Call for a free one hour consultation, on Services Catered to match your desires.